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Latina Box
Latina Box
Latina Box
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Latina Box

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Product description

We take responsibility for designing a container with the best of the Mexican food and beverage proposal; at Latina Corner we understand the composition of the national diet and prioritize ingredients and commodities to strengthen our foreign supply.

The selection of products is made from a production analysis laboratory that is responsible for studying the work chain, basic aspects of origin and development, as well as determining the usability and adaptation of them.

Corn, chili, coffee and cocoa represent the activities carried out by Mexicans that are in specialty production cores, which daily strive to obtain the best of each planting and dedicate their time to taking care of every process of growth and training; our role in the chain is to promote the opening of commercial channels that favor the sale of well-made products and the economic reinforcement of special territories.

The design of content of the box covers the essential needs to construct a proposed certification of Mexican kitchen, but also adaptable products to a global and avant-garde gastronomic offer.

The seed that perfectly complements any meal of the day, with properties superior to those of meat. A must in the new seeds named superfoods
Cafe of Chiapas
From the Finca (kind of a farm) Cerro Brujo is these seeds that grow at 1440 m above sea level, a traditional washing process that gives notes to cocoa and soft candies, a clean cup that adapts to home extraction processes. Medium toasting in high precision equipment.
Red Hot Chili Peppers Sauce with Indian Walnuts
Mexican Macha gourmet-style sauce, handcrafted made by "red hot chili peppers" and Indian Walnut best quality.
Red Hot Chili Peppers Sauce with Chabacano Fruit
Mexican Macha gourmet-style sauce, handcrafted made by "habanero hot chili" and Chabacano fruit best quality
Ground Cocoa
From Pichucalco, Chiapas, and from the Finca (kind of a farm) in recovery Licha, is the cocoa that is roasted in clay comals and ground in manual corn mills, a seed roast designed to detonate the best flavors of the seed. 100% natural product treated in the best way.
Ruta de la Sal (Route of the Salt)
A combination of the sea salt from the south region of the coast of Oaxaca smoked in sheets of corn and dry chilis. Ideal for meats to the broiler and roast vegetables.
Organic blue corn flour
From the purépecha plateau is the grain that is dehydrated by indirect fire and convection to achieve a slow and gradual drying of the grain, achieving uniformity for a stone grinding with traditional machinery. Ideal for making tortillas and bread with similar ingredients.
European mix seasoning
Seed assembly of the southern sierra of Jalisco, toasted in a traditional way but respecting the properties of each, lavender and rosemary leaves dehydrated in a natural way, sea salt in 40% of the total product, ground in stone of traditional machinery.
Processed with Nixtamalizado (cooked corn), baked without grease in convection ovens for even dehydrating. The production uses the Creole seeds of the states of Michoacan and Jalisco.
Processed from Nixtamalizado (cooked corn), manually cut with quarter-size plates of the normal tortilla. Baked in a convection oven to give uniformity and keep it crisp. The production uses the Creole seeds of the states of Michoacan and Jalisco.