We implement a dynamic that recognizes intelligent consumer circles that organically and as internal growth generates a constant of benefits that positively affects all those involved in our platform. Making the primary sector an adaptable element to targeted markets and making our collaborative economic reinforcement diagram sustainable.
Latina Corner and its Concept of Sustainability
We offer sales strategies and we support correct business practices from the moment of a product’s conception. We fight for congruence between quality vs price (Fairtrade), we certify that the "quality" of raw material is never sacrificed because of costs; we ask for the process to be environmentally friendly. We review that our suppliers’ structure as a company or family business, supports local commerce and creates sustainable chains, making synergy in a fair manufacturing economic life cycle.
We believe that the products supported by their sustainable nature give greater value to the finished product, making sure that our final consumer obtains mainly organic and natural items that provide confidence
What is our Proposal?
If you want to know our business strategy, join our supplier pool by downloading this simple brochure and know what you to be a part of Latina Corner.
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