About us
After feeling the need in the field, as two women entrepreneurs committed to our country; we decided to join forces building a solid bridge and a sales channel to generate a virtuous circle thus adding the real value of these Mexican products that we want you to know and remember
We are very proud of being Mexicans,
of the great cultural wealth of our country and of our Latin roots; and this is the reason why in 2018 we created our own brand, looking for value chains that through sustainable trade could be known abroad in our online store.
We are the voice of the producers who make artisanal products for each delivery
With recipes full of love written by generations, dedicating arduous hours of work and commitment to their communities.
In Latin|a Corner™ we want you to receive a piece of Mexico and Latin America right to your doorstep through our Latin|a Box™ where we select delicious and handmade products so you can choose the one you like the most. With your purchase you will help communities and entrepreneurs who struggle every day to make a difference. We invite you to try and feel our products, because we believe that we have a lot to offer, thank you for visiting Latin|a Corner™.
Committed to the integral development of economic, productive (MX) and consumer territories (rest of the world).
We develop microeconomic nuclei What do we do?
What do we do?
We generate direct promotion channels
We humanize the shopping experience
We generate direct promotion spaces
We create promotional scenarios by season.